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Greetings traveler and welcome to Army of Darkness!

About us
We're a friendly semi-hardcore WoW Classic guild on Firemaw (EU-PvP) on the Horde side. Our focus is both on PvP and PvE as we feel these go hand in hand. We encourage a fun and helpful atmosphere where we also try to push ourselves to great achievements.

  • To have fun and enjoy the game
  • To raid and obtain the best gear
  • To dominate in PvP

  • Friendly and non toxic behaviour
  • Helpful towards guild members and other members of the Horde
  • 100% focus when raiding
  • Speak good english

Raid times
We don't have a fixed schedule yet, however raid times will mostly be from 20:00 - 23:00 CEST, maybe starting earlier or ending later.

The guild is created by 5-10 real life friends from Denmark, however we accept all nationalities. The guild is also a spiritual successor of a guild by the same name back in Vanilla, though not many of the original members remain.

Right now we are recruiting pretty much anyone who would like to be a part of our guild. We mostly only accept people who are 18 years or older as most of us are in our thirties.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please go ahead and apply. We hope to see you in Azeroth 😃

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