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Here is a list of addons and macros that I use


ClassicCodex - questing addon similar to Questie but shows mob and item spawn locations
Talent Sequence - lets you have your planned out talents in sequence in game so you don't have to remember which ones to select
What's Training? - shows you what class trainer skills are available at what levels

ClassicAuraDurations - Restores cooldown swipe timers on default Target Frame and Blizzard Raid Frames
ClassicCastbars - Adds castingbars to the target frame and nameplates
ClassicThreatMeter - A threat meter, everyone in the group needs it for it to work
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - Required especially for raiding. Shows warnings for different boss abilities and phases
Details! Damage Meter - Keeps track of peoples damage and healing done
OmniCC Classic - Shows cooldown text on icons
RealMobHealth - Shows actual health numbers on mobs
VuhDo - The ultimate in raid/party frames, especially for click healing/buffing/decursing. Recommended for all healers.
WeakAuras 2 - can do almost anything in regards to showing buffs, debuffs and other info

AtlasLootClassic - shows you what loot drops from bosses
AtlasLootClassic Maps - Shows maps for bosses in AtlasLootClassic
Auctionator - Adds new features to the auction house
BagFreeSpaceCounter - Shows how many inventory slots you have left on the bag icon
Bagnon - Bag overhaul, shows one unified bag and shows items from other characters/bank
EZJunk - Auto selss your junk
FasterLooting - Auto loots items faster
oGlow (Classic) - Colours item frames based on item rarity
Vendor Price - Shows vendor prices on item tooltips

GatherMate2 - Shows gathering icons on the map and minimap
ItemTooltipProfessionIcons - Shows what professions items are used for

Spy Classic - Warns you about nearby alliance players

UI and utility
ChatLinkIcons Classic - Shows item, race and class icons in the chat
ClassicAutoDismount - Auto dismounts when you do an action
ClassicLFG - Interface to streamline looking for groups
FriendsInfo - Lets you add notes to players so you can remember why to group or not group with them etc.
MapCoords Classic - Shows your coordinates on the minimap
TipTac for Classic - Highly customizable mouseover tooltip addon, also lets you anchor tooltips to mouse
Titan Panel Classic - Adds a top panel with lots of different information like xp/hr, gold, bag space and item durability

EMAC (Ebony's Multiboxing Assistant Classic) - Adds several utilities for running more than one character at a time
ISBoxer - Not an addon, but the software I use to run multiple instances of WoW and to map keys etc.


General info
[@mouseover, help] - tries to cast on mouseover target if friendly
[help] - tries to cast on target if friendly
[@targettarget, help] - tries to cast on assist target if friendly
[] - default cast behaviour
"harm" can be used instead of "help" to target enemies

Spam to tag mob macro:
/cleartarget [dead][help]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/cast Fire Blast

Interrupt and cast harmful spell with mouseover and assist targeting:
/cast [@mouseover, harm][harm][@targettarget, harm][] Counterspell

Interrupt and cast helpful spell with mouseover and assist targeting:
/cast [@mouseover, help][help][@targettarget, help][] Renew

Interrupt and cast spell on either friend with mouseover or targeted friend or enemy:
/cast [@mouseover, help][help][] Dispel Magic

Interrupt and toggle Ice Block, cast Cold Snap if Ice Block is on cooldown:
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block
/cast Cold Snap
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